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We stock the world’s highest-quality bikes at a full range of prices, to meet the needs of weekend riders, commuters, tourists, trail riders and roadies. Whether you ride for big air or just the feel of the wind in your face, we can and will make sure you’re on the right bike that fits properly.

We carry a wide variety of quality bikes from Giant, Haro, Redline, GT, Del Sol Bicycles, Schwinn, Torker, Sunday BMX and Premium Bikes.





66 comments on “Our Bikes

  1. Hey Ace Crew, I ride my bmx bike (not the best condition) and jump some big jumps. Occasionally I land wrong and my alignment of the front wheel being perpendicular to the handlebars gets out of whack. I loosen, adjust, and tighten about once every month. Is there a way to make it stay for good? Another thing, I have a GT racing bike, skinniest tires ever, and either they can’t hold my weight or they’re just dumb. They are not bald, and on only weigh 120 pds. So do you have any ideas about upgrading to a stronger tube or bigger fork to accommodate a bigger tire, I don’t want to see my expensive GT go to waste. Thanks! -Jay

    • Jay, there are no guarantee’s on headsets staying tight when jumping. Our advice is to make sure all of your pinch bolts are very tight. Sounds like you are riding a bike that is way to small for you. Either stop by here or a local bike shop and let them take a look at what you have.
      Good Luck

    • Our used inventory fluctuates so check back with us; right now we have a Haro in stock that has received a lot of interest lately; but currently no DiamondBacks.

      As far as new BMX bikes we have GT, Redline and Specialized (only 1 left).

      Stop on by and take a look! 2500 S. MacArthur Blvd.

  2. I am looking for a folding bicycle to carry in a semi. Ebay has a Columba with 26″ wheels for 175, but rated for 200lbs. Do you have any and what kind of prices?

    • We currently have a several to choose from, off the top pf my head I know that we have a Haro and a Redline in stock and ready to go. Come on by and take a look. We are open 9:00-8:00 throughout the week, 9:00-4:00 Saturday and 11:00-3:00 on Sunday.

    • Depends on what you are looking for? Currently in our used selection we have: road bikes, comfort bikes, mountain bikes, and a couple of BMX bikes. Feel free to contact us at the shop or through our Facebook page with more of what you are looking for and we can check our stock.

  3. I’m looking for a used road or hybrid women’s bike. I’m 5’5″ so probably a 54 or 56…. I’m a newbie rider who is looking to incorporate distance rides along with my running regimen. It doesn’t need to be fancy, but light and easy to ride for 10-20 miles at a time. Anything available?

    • We don’t have any used road bikes in stock (a used road bike can be hard to come by). We do have a 2013 ladies Lapierre road bike that is 10% off.

      I used a performance hybrid all last year (and part of this year) for the same purpose; we have several new Giant performance hybrids that would fit you well and not break the bank. Feel free to come by the shop, take a look and take one out for a test drive. -Bill

  4. What would you recommend for a commuter bike for a 20 something lady of smaller frame and height (5’2″)

    • Based solely on the height that you gave me and according to the Giant rider height chart, you could go with a small or extra small. I would suggest looking first at an “XS” (extra small). All Giant models that we offer have the size clearly marked on the frame.

      Best bet is to come in and ride a few. Perhaps a Sedona W. This will be more of an upright position, with a comfortable seat and a relaxed arm position. Here is a link to the Sedona W: http://www.giant-bicycles.com/en-us/bikes/model/sedona.w/14859/75711/

      Hope to see you soon and if you have any other questions let us know!

  5. Ace crew I was wondering what bikes you have right now around 200$. Only 20 inch though preferably redline or gt.

    • We currently have several Redline models in stock, we also are now carrying Sunday bikes. I ‘d suggest stopping by the shop and checking out what we have and taking a bike (or two) for a test ride.

    • Not sure what you mean by “dial everything in”? Did you buy from us? Was it a new bike? If so ,we offer a 30 day tune-up at no charge with the purchase of any new bike. Call the shop for more details 523-0188.

    • I’m sure that we have something in stock that would fit you. I’d start by looking at mountain bikes. These tires and rims work well for oversized people because they are built to withstand jumps and bounces on hard rocks.

  6. please contact me at 862-4522 I am interested in selling a new Schwinn avenue sr touring. im not sure if you buy used but it is in great condition. thanks

    • We usually do not buy bikes outright, we would possibly consider a trade-in towards the purchase of a new bike. Of course everything would depends on condition. My suggestion is to take it by the shop and talk to the shop manager, Rich see what kind of “deal” we can work out. Thanks!

  7. I’m currently putting together an old 90’s dyno VFR. and I want to upgrade the single by crank with a new 3pcs crank set my question is do u have any crank sets for a decent price I’m not trying to spend more than 50$ on a 3pc crank set. Thanks hope to hear from u soon.

    • I think that is going to be a tall order! I believe that a good crank set can cost anywhere from $80-$100. We keep all the most common parts in stock, so I would suggest either calling or stopping by the shop to confirm what we have in stock and what the price is.

  8. Looking to purchase a boys 20 inch bike for my son. What do your bikes in this size start at? Do you also take trade in’s?

    • Prices are going to vary, currently we have a good variety of new and used in stock currently. We do accept trade in’s towards the purchase of a new bike. Come by and take a look we will be open Saturday from 9:00-4:00

  9. IVe just begun building custom bmx bikes, and it seems just about every one of them from huffy to haro . The head tube is loose- not much but id really appreciate some input on what im doing wrong the bearings are seated well so what can it be im doing wrong ?why do handlebars&gooseneck still wiggle?

  10. I in search of a good hybrid bike. Where can I find the price list of all the bikes available at this store.

    Please share the price list. My budget is not very high. Around 150$ plus minus.

    Waiting for the response.

  11. Looking to start riding and would eventually like to get in good enough shape to compete in sprint tri’s. I am a big dude (300lbs). Definitely wanting a road bike for sure. Also, was wondering if you allow people to test ride. Also curious to price ranges (don’t want to go crazy on price). Thanks, -Lee

  12. Do you happen to have a trike or 3 wheeled bike for an adult with disabilities? I am applying for a grant and I would need a contact person name and the name of the bike. If possible it would need a backrest and a thing on the foot pedals to keep my feet in like straps or something. I have been looking at another trike Called the sun atlas transit sd if you have something along that lines and the price

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