We are known throughout Central Illinois as one of the most trusted BMX bicycle shops. Ace has had a BMX team since the late 1970’s. Since then the Ace Bike Shop team has earned team trophies from BMX tracks across the country.

JJT and JP-Il State Champsphoto credit: Jim Percy

Pictured are Ace riders Jeff T. and James P. at the Illinois State BMX Championships. Our BMX team represents our shop with sportsmanship and dedication to the sport.

JJP-2photo credit: Jim Percy

We have Race Punch Cards for the upcoming BMX season. 12 races for the price of 10!

If weather permits, the first race is coming up on March 23! Stop by the shop at 2500 South MacArthur and pick-up your punch card. If you have any questions feel free to email:

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